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Why Work With An Outdoor Family Photographer|Essex Family Photographer


Why not choose to have your next set of family photos taken outdoors.

I am an Essex Family Photographer that has over a decade of family photography experience and one that specialises in outdoor family photography. 

Outdoor family photography allows for beautiful natural family portraits to be captured of you and your family enjoying your favourite locations that you visit with your children.

Your children have the freedom to run around and explore, allowing me to capture their childhood with you all in the frame. 

Outdoor family photography will give you such natural, beautiful, family portraits that cannot be captured within a studio setting.

There are no rules with outdoor photoshoots, no need to worry if your children play up or want a break for a snack. In fact it is these in-between moments that allow me to capture those special candid moments that you will want to remember of your children when you look back on your family photos. 


Outdoor sessions are paced to suit your family to give them the space and time to let me photograph them or to take a moment out.

Why I love outdoor family photography

Our families always sense when they are about to do somthing different and this may result in them acting out or not being in the mood to listen.

This is why I love outdoor family photography as it takes into account all the different personalities of the family, allowing time to move at the pace that suits your family. 

Being outdoors is also natural for children, taking them to a place that feels familiar helps them settle into a photo session smoothly.Being outdoors also means I can direct the shoot to move along to suit you, if we need to let the kids run to burn energy first or find a quiet spot for lots of hugs and cuddles first to ease them in to the shoot. 

As an Essex family photographer I know so may beautiful locations and can guide you to find the perfect location for your family shoot.

I have a blog written about all my favourite places in Essex for family photoshoot which can be found here.

Family of 4 boys out door family photography

The great outdoors gives us so many choices to keep children easily entertained, whilst I capture your family’s portraits full of natural laughter and smiles.


The photos captured can then be created into beautiful colourful artwork you can display proudly in your home to be enjoyed as a family for years and generations to come.

Photos you will look upon each day to bring a smile to your face and remind you of your time with your children before they grow up to start their own lives.

What makes me different from other family photographers?

My approach to family photography is to capture connections – photos that capture all of you talking to each other, hugging and squeezing your children with all the love you have. 

I take my time to look for the right moments to capture all the love and tenderness within your family and those in-between moments.

Every family is unique along with each relationship within the family is unique. I watch to see how you how you interact with each other and look to capture not just the whole family but the relationships within the family.

I will take time to photograph children on their own, with their siblings and with the parents separately as well as together. 

There are so many stories within a family that each one needs to be captured and documented.

It’s my job to make you all feel at ease, so you can smile when you want to smile and laugh when you feel like laughing – I wait for these moments and will capture them as they happen.


I am an Essex family photographer who wants to capture for you those “in between” the moments when your child scrunches up their nose laughing and buries her head into your hair whilst hugging you, or twirls around dancing in their favourite dress whilst holding your hand. 

Every time you look at your family photos I want you to be reminded of your family life, how you spent your weekends enjoying long walks or a trip to the park in the sunshine. 


In the UK we are so lucky to have our changing seasons. We are spoilt when it comes to picking your favourite time of year or location, you have the choice if you want a spring / summer backdrop setting of bright vibrant colours or if you want the deeper reds, oranges and yellows that autumn brings.

If you would like to see more examples family shoots outdoors please take a look at my portfolio or get in touch if you have any questions.