Essex newborn photography at home

Family photo shoot at home to capture photos of the family with the new baby

Newborn Photography at Home |
Essex Newborn Photographer

Newborn family photography taken place in the home for and Essex based family

Why Choose to have your new born photography at home.

Your beautifully exhausting little human is here. Let’s remember these days just as they are.

Their tiny toes, soft cheeks and scrunched up yawns. The nappies, feeding and sleepless nights.

The overwhelming responsibility of becoming a parent.

Even if you’re too tired to see it, this is the time where tenderness and real love is found in every minute.

Nobody expects perfection. This is real life – and the very beginning of theirs.

And it is all beautiful.

I am an Essex newborn at home photographer who offers the option to come to your home to give you the choice not to leave your cosy home that you have created to welcome your new baby


Beautiful, relaxed and natural portraits of your newborn at home

Options - what type of newborn photos would you love for your home?

When looking for a newborn photographer we have so much choice. 

Do you want photos in a studio or an at home newborn photo shoot?

Do you want photos in that are posed with props?

Do you want photos that are more relaxed, natural images of your new born baby with you in the home?

Newborn photography are photos that will become one of your most treasured possessions. Those first few weeks with your new baby are so precious, but they will fly by in a whirlwind. I know this from experience as a mum of 2.

It’s so important to capture all their tiny details which you may forget to do as you all adjust to a new routine amongst the chaos of a newborn at home.

The option to have your first set of newborn photos in your home will capture the start of your new baby’s journey as this is where they spend their first few days in life and where they will create their childhood memories as they grow up and start their journey in the world.

Having photographs of your newborn at home also gives flexibility, as we can take our time to capture all the images in between the need for feeds and nappie changes. We can take things as slow we need to as you are all still adjusting to a new routine.

Being in your own home means you will all feel more at ease and remove any need to worry about outside pressures or strict timings. You will have everything that you need at arm’s length and freedom to move around your home to capture a variety of images. 

If your new little one has siblings this makes life even easier as they can come join in for photos when they are in the mood or even dip in and out as they please. No pressure to fit everything into a time slot and enjoy the experience of a photoshoot in your home.

Years from now you will look back on these photos which will become a part of your family history that you pass on to the next generation. You will forget all the sleepless nights and the chaos as you look back over your photos to see the time you spent holding and cuddling your little one in your arms. 

You will remember the home you lived in or the changes you have made over the years and have in your hands a document of life as it was during the first few months of having your baby.

To be invited into a home is special privilege seen by all photographers, as you are allowing a stranger to enter your bubble. This stranger will have the most important role to capture your family story which you will cherish in years to come.

Family photoshoot at home with a new born and sibling

At home photoshoots allow the whole family to join in and capture all the relationships in the family.

These unique at home newborn photoshoots are effortless family shoots in your happy place. Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a newborn home shoot