5 reasons why you need to print your family photos.

5 reasons why you need to print your family photos

We are all loving living in the digital age where technology is changing our lives.  We have access to mini computers via our phone and the power to take photos where ever we are.

We are capturing images daily and recording precious memories.

My question to you is to ask when was the last time you printed any of your photos?

As a photographer I have the pleasure to work with a number of families and help them print their photos. However through this process talking with numerous families that so many parents unless they are offered help do not print out the photos that they take.

Parents will store their photos on their phones / computers / USB sticks  thinking that one day they may print.  

That one day does not happen as photos build up and it feels overwhelming to then process all the images and to make decisions on how to print and display the photos in their homes.

I am here to share with you 5 reasons why it is important to print your favourite images, don’t let them stay hidden on your phones and computers…..

1 - Computers Die, Hard Drives Fail, Phones crash

Unless your images are printed on paper you always run the risk of losing your digital images.

Every time I hear a person tell me that that there computer / phone or hard drive failed it breaks my heart as they may have lost so many years of memories as they may not be able to recover their images.

It’s one of my biggest fears! 

Printed photos are also a great way to back up your photos. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people losing thousands of precious photos due to computer failure. Don’t let this happen to you! 

Print your photos and store them safely. That way, you have physical and digital copies, so your memories are always safe. 

2 - You don’t ever find the time to look at your photos

When was the last time you sat down with your children and said let’s look at your photos?  It’s just not practical to sit down and flick though the hundreds of photos on your phone or to look and find all the photo files on your computer. Unless you are super organised and everything is filed in chronological order.

Having prints, photo books and framed photos in and around your home will make it so much easier and fun to pick up and share stories with your children about the photos taken.

Having your photos printed will mean you will look at your photos more often and I promise you they will just make you feel so happy and give you that warm fuzzy feeling. 

3 - Technology is not perfect

There is a thought that storing your photos in the cloud, on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive means that your photos are safe forever. 

This is again unreliable as some of these platforms are free and they owe you no responsibility to look after your content.

The other question will be will these platforms be around forever?

Technology changes so quickly and who knows what the future holds.

Do you remember when you had your photos taken and you were given CDs to store your photos on?  Now we have computers and laptops that do not even have CD slots, technology is moving faster and faster and storage solutions are forever changing. 

Your best insurance is to create a physical copy of your favourite photos in addition to your digital version – that way you know those important memories can live on for the next generation

4 - Happiness

Printing your photos will bring your all happiness – there is nothing better then being able to look at your family photos everyday. As you walk past prints on your walls at home or have coffee book photo album at hand to look though on special occasions like Christmas. The joy and happiness you will feel as you are reminded of memories is priceless.

I remember as a child sitting with my mum and looking through all our family photos. We had 5 albums and a bagful of printed images of all sizes.  I now store my childhood photos all in one box and that’s all the printed images I will have of my family and my grandparents.

My children on the other hand will be given a huge set of hard drives carefully labelled with the year I took the photos and it may be because I am a photographer they will also be given printed albums I have made every year for them and countless framed prints.

I love seeing my kids look through the photo albums which I leave scattered around our home and ask me questions about who is in the photos and where they were.

My favourite question being – is that really me? Or   mummy was I really that small!

How often do you sit on your phone, and look back through all your old images. Or your computer? 

I will assume not very often as we are all so busy with work and family life – displaying prints around your home will allow you to easily remember family memories and bring you so much joy as you walk past them every day.

5 - Use your photos to decorate your home

We all love to make our homes beautiful, so why not use the images you’ve taken yourself or bought from a photographer to do that. I’m an extreme case, obviously, because of my job, but most of the “wall art” in my home is photos of my family. 

Pick your favourite images, blow them up, frame them, and make a gallery wall of your family story.

You can really go to town with creating wall displays in your home to create a feature wall. Create a wall display which is not just photos, add quotes or images of your favourite holiday locations mixed in with your family photos to tell your family story.

A great place to start for inspiration is Pintrest. You’ll find endless ideas to showcase your prints from low cost frame options to bespoke design ideas you can create yourself*.

*Image Source – Pintrest

* Image Source – Wall art collection created by HJ Photography

6 - YOUR CHILDREN, your grandchildren and your great great grand children will be ever so grateful.

Having the ability to look back in time is priceless. If you think about when you look back at photos of your parents and your childhood what happiness does that bring you. 

The joy you and your family will have at events like christmas when you can pass around your family albums and share stories. 

You can’t do this with photos stored on social media or hidden on your phones. 

Printing your favourite images and having them to hold and share is worth making time to do to give you and your family memories to look back on and ones you can enjoy in and around your home.

Have I persuaded you to print a few of your favourite photos? I hope so!

If you are looking to capture new photos of your family or see that you don’t have enough photos of your family all together, do get in touch for a chat. I would love to help capture you and advice you on how best to print your family photos for your home.

I work with the industry leading printing labs to be able to create for you the highest-quality albums, prints and wall art of your most precious moments, so you can enjoy them for generations to come.