10 Tips – How to prepare for your personal brand shoot.

It’s very rare to find someone who loves to have their headshot photos taken so I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that 99% of my female entrepreneurs, actually find the whole process overwhelming and feel nervous.

They don’t know what to expect or what to wear, they feel uncomfortable at the thought of having to pose in what might be an unnatural position and have no idea what preparation they need to do.

Well this is where I come in. Having worked as a personal brand photographer for a number of years I have seen how headshot photography, also referred to as brand photography has changed and evolved into what is now known as personal brand photography or relaxed headshot photography.

I know my clients are going to walk in with at more then a  a modicum of hesitation or fear, and why wouldn’t they? It’s not like we do this sort of thing every day.

This is why it is so important to me that I spend the first part of our session putting my clients mind at ease and creating a comfortable environment, where they can just show their true character. By the end of the session the nerves have gone and their personality is there for all to see.

Now I know what you are thinking, “It’s easy for her to say, she takes photos every day so it’s second nature to her”. Well this could not be further from the truth. I have always felt much more at ease behind a camera than I do in front of one! However I regularly have my photos taken and I promise you I had the same anxiety that my clients face. And like all of my clients, I felt completely relaxed by the end of it.

I can honestly say, I love putting myself in my clients’ shoes! Experiencing all the elements of preparing for a personal brand photography shoot and planning how I wanted to use my brand images to support my business. This all helps me ensure that I can deliver for you the most fun and relaxed brand shoot experience for you.

This led me to think how I could prepare you for your personal brand shoot and what advice I would give. So here are my top ten tips to ensure you not only enjoy the experience, but capture the images you want for your business.

how to prepare for a personal brand photo shoot


You want to work with a photographer who will capture your personality and brand story. I strongly advice for you to spend time to talk with your selected brand photographer. Ensure you feel comfortable with them and you feel they will understand how best to direct you on the day and bring out the very best in you. Remember you are investing your time and money so you want to ensure you are spending both wisely

Blog with images of a number of different female business women showing examples of brand photos.

Tip 2. Create a mood board for your brand shoot.

Work with your photographer to create a moodboard for your brand photoshoot.

Most people create them on Pinterest so they can share them easily and add notes to each image. Keep in mind the more your photographer knows about you and your brand upfront, the easier it will be you both to create images that match your brand.

By creating a mood board, you are providing visual inspiration for the look and feel of the images you as the client, want the photographer to create. You don’t even have to keep to your industry, you can seek inspiration from outsider brands, who market themselves in a style that speaks to you. Perhaps a look that differs from those in your industry.

If you are unsure of what style of images you need, ask if your photographer will help create a mood board for you to show you ideas of what would work best for you and your brand.

I personally love this part of the planning process to pull together inspo images for my clients to show them what we can create together. This process helps us both to get to know one another and define the look and vibe for the shoot. Which helps my clients feel more excited and in control of their brand photo shoot.

HJ Photography

Tip 3. Shot List

A photography list will help ensure you create a library of all the images you need and in all the different crop sizes.

One image does not fit all the different images sizes required by your choice of social media and website platforms.

Speak to your photographer if you need specific sized images, such as:

  • Images with Negative Space – this allows you to add captions over your images.
  • Images for About Me website page / Social Media Profiles (the space for the social media profiles are quite small do you want to fill the frame with a headshot style image or show a more lifestyle image)
  • Website Wide Images – the images that stretch across the whole home page.
  • Instagram Images –  images for stories which is a 16 – 9 crop and images for the posts which can be 1-1 or 4 -5 crop.
  • Facebook / Linkedin Cover Image.
  • Images for Print.

This list won’t stop your photographer from being spontaneous on the day, it just means, key images and crop sizes will not be forgotten and you have a clearer idea of how many outfit and location changes will be required.

Think of your shot list as a storyboard, with each image having a purpose, a business message or narrative which will take your followers on a journey with you.

Tip 4. Plan Your Outfit Changes

Your selected clothing outfits will play a key role in your business images as they tell a visual story to your clients of who you are, what you do and what your brand stands for.

They should reflect your personality and leave you feeling confident and comfortable.

I recommend choosing outfits for your shoot that make sense with the story we are wanting to tell, in each location we use.

Think about what you would wear to meet with an ideal client for the first time, how smart or casual you like to show up, and what you feel most ‘yourself’ in. I always suggest writing out a list of words to best describe your business and your personal style.

For example:

We can then use this list to plan your outfits and locations and start to build your image library.

One thing I cannot stress enough is; clothes do not always look the same in a photo, as they do in a mirror. Loose or billowy outfits can sometimes look less flattering in photographs, so try to wear outfits that are more fitted around the waist to give you a nice silhouette.

A good selection of outfits gives a greater variety of images which means you have different looks for different marketing messages. The same can be said for locations and settings so really give your outfits some thought, based on which environment you will be photographed in.


3 images of female business owners to show examples of how headshots can be taken.


Clients often ask if they should wear their brand colours for their shoots.

I would say, as long as the colour suits you and you feel happy wearing it, then go for it! Integrating the colours into your clothing or location will only add to your brand story.

I’m happy to give honest advice if you wish to wear your brand colours and can make suggestions as to how you can subtly include them thorough accessories, props or in the location background

Tip 6. Bring a selection of PROPS to your brand photoshoot

Think about the tools you use whilst you are working. What would your ideal client want to know about how you work or where you work from?

If you’re always on your laptop while sipping a coffee, then bring your laptop with you as well as your favourite mug, or better yet, one with your brand colours!

Include the literature you love together with company marketing materials or simply the quirky notebooks you just can’t get enough of.

Let your props elevate your story by telling viewers who you are, because I assure you, it’s just as important as telling them what you do.

Infusing your personality into your photos will attract your ideal client and help you both connect as you will have common interests.


Images of female business owners to show how you can use props and outdoor locations for a brand photoshoot.


The right location can elevate a photo from good to amazing!

It can also drastically impact the story your image tells, the clients you attract and highlight your style and approach to life.

You want to consider what the image will be used for and the tone and feel of your brand, when you are selecting your locations.

Think about the difference in tone between a light-hued wall, versus a dark brick wall, and what that might communicate about you in a photo.

Between a beach versus a woodland park, or simply natural versus urban, none of these are right or wrong, but they will all impact the vibe of your image and what they communicate about you. 

Everywhere you look there’s an opportunity for an interesting backdrop, you just have to decide if it’s right for you. 

Indoor Locations 

If you decide you want indoor photos, you will need to make sure either the space gets lots of natural light, or your photographer has the appropriate lighting equipment. Consider kitchen, study or lounge areas near a big light-filled window.

If your own home doesn’t get much natural light, consider hiring a hotel room, an Airbnb or ask that friend with the beautiful house if you can borrow some space for a few hours (I’ve done this before!).

We now have the options to hire beautiful styled homes or a quirky place of colour by the hour.

Two of my favourite websites that I recommend to hire shoot spaces from are:

Styled Home Studios 

Peer Space 


HJ Photography


This is crucial!

If you have any preference for the editing process e.g. you like bright and airy images or you wish to have a create a dark, moody edit let your photographer know.

The planning stage is the perfect time to discuss that style you need if you are looking for a particular editing style with your photographer.

I find that a lot of my clients forget about this stage but it is SO important!

Tip 9. Hair and Make Up

My approach to photography is storytelling by capturing natural expressions and movement. Now whilst I am all for taking natural shots, capturing the ‘real’ you, I do recommend hiring a make up artist for your shoot, and also getting your hair done. Regardless of whether you normally wear make-up, or not, it will do wonders for your photos.

One of the best things my photographer did for me, when I booked in for my personal shoot, was suggest I have my hair done and my make-up applied professionally. I am a person who is low in confidence, doesn’t wear a lot of make-up and was really unsure about the whole idea. I decided to put my big girl pants on, research make-up artists in my area and I selected a wonderful lady who created an amazing natural look, that left me feeling truly confident. I look back over my images now and I could not be happier. My face just looks radiant which always helps make a professional image sparkle that little bit more.

As with all services, I recommend you do your research to ensure you feel confident that you will be happy with the look that they create for you. Your photographer can also help recommend make up/hair artists if required.

Examples of female headshots which can be created indoors and outdoors.

Tip 10. Self Care

In the week leading up to the shoot I advocate the following self-care regimen:

  • Drink Plenty of Water (2-3 litres a day) – flush toxins from the body and skin
  • Eat Well – you get out what you put in
  • Sleep
  • No Alcohol the Night Before Your Shoot
  • Have a Manicure – the camera will pick up every little detail especially if you are having close up hand shots, showing you working, writing, typing, on the phone or drinking coffee


You’ve taken the time to plan and invest in your business photography so make the most of it. Think happy thoughts, remember why you started your business, why you love what you do and enjoy the process. We are all so busy with life and these moments don’t come along often, so make the most of celebrating you!

If you would like to find out more about booking brand shoot, fill in my contact me form to book a discovery call, or take a look at my pricing and packages hereI’d love to hear from you!

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