A brand photo shoot in Essex | Life Coach Shelley Bosworth

I had an absolute ball working with Shelly to capture her personal brand photography for her business.  

Shelly is a straight talking, supportive and empowering Life Coach for women who are looking  to make a change in their lives.

Shelly wanted something different for her brand photography, something more then capturing just business headshots, Shelly wanted to infuse her personality into her brand photos as well capture some emotive images to help her connect with her ideal clients.

'I am absolutely over the moon with my brand photography shoot. all I want to do now is show off my brand imagery.

I am not a natural in front of the camera and Hiral put me so at ease, I even enjoyed the actual shoot itself! I cant wait to share my photos with everyone! Thank you so much, cant wait for the next one’

Shelly - Life Coach

I was so excited for this shoot as we planned to capture a wide variety of images to include images that would tell different key stories about how Shelly’s services would help solve her ideal clients problems.

As part of the planning process and creating the shot list we spoke about Shelly’s clients pain points and how we could create images that could connect with her audience to show that she can help clients who felt that they had to act happy on the outside and not so happy on the inside. 

That she can help her clients if they are facing challenges and blocks as brand images are not just about capturing pretty happy images.

We also planned in capturing images with negative space – using plain backgrounds which can be used to add text and overlay graphics to help support the launch of new programs or offers.

Brand_shoot_for a_life_coach_based_in_Essex

‘Hiral created for me such brilliant images that I could only ever have imagined!’

Shelly - Life Coach

Below you will see the range of images we were able to capture in a few hours together, creating scroll stopping images for her social media and her new website.

I loved photographing Shelly, her personality and humour made the shoot, we had a great time capturing a range of great brand portraits at her home in Essex.

If you’re a life coach looking to become more visible and set yourself apart from your competitors, I’d love to connect and speak with you.

Enjoy the photos and if you would like to follow Shelly you can find her in these places…

Website: www.shelleybosworthcoaching.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/shelleybosworthcoaching/

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessfulLadiesEscapeLounge


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