How to repurpose your brand photos to boost engagement

You are a business who has invested in personal brand photography and may be looking for ideas on how to re-use your images to maximise the use of your photos and boost your engagement rates. 

Or you are a business looking to book a personal brand photographer and this blog will help you plan the images you need to promote your business.

The aim of this blog is to show you how to repurpose your brand photos to boost engagement by creatively connecting with your ideal client through your business imagery.

If you have a collection of brand images you can make them work harder for you by repurposing them to help you interact further with your audience and give your target audience more reasons to reach out to you.

1. Add overlay text

You have used your favourite images to introduce yourself to your audience groups.

Think about now how you can make your library of images bigger by overlaying text on your images, examples could be:

– quotes
– testimonials
– blog title posts
– promote new offers
– turn your brand images into mini adverts

The best apps for adding text to images are apps like Canva and Pic Monkey, both offer a great free version as well as a pro version.

Remember to use your brand fonts and colours so that your graphics are easily recognisable and kept on brand.

Next time you are scrolling through social media take a look at how businesses are reusing their images with text combined with their brand font and colours. 

Adding text will help you add fresh new content to your pages and will mix up your content to have variety to help encourage people not to scroll by.

Below is an example of how Emma Riedo a fitness instructor, has combined her branding with her business images. You can scatter your branding with your photos as little or as much as you like.

2. Add graphics

Apps like Canva and Pic monkey have a number of graphic options you can use to add to your images.

This is something fun you can do to mix up content on your social media. 

Adding graphics that suit your brand is another great option to help your brand photos stand out on socials.

You may already have brand graphics you can add to your images? 

Or you can work with your website designer to create specific graphics for you to use.

Using your logo on your photos is another option.  

We live in such a noisy busy online environment that sometimes doing something a little different once in a while can help you find your ideal clients who may be scrolling past you. 

You are making your images work harder to spark a conversation and help to boost your engagement.

Sharpe Social is owned by Gill Sharpe who is a social media manager. Gill extended her library of brand images by adding her logo and graphics that suited her brand to help her posts stand out on socials. 

Being a little different to the norm is a great way to stop people scrolling past your posts.

3. Crop Your Photos

Take a look through all your brand photos and see if you can crop or flip your image to look different.

There are so many tools on our phone we can use to do this. Option to use a 3rd party app like Canva or Pic Monkey or your phone’s editing tool. The crop tool is a simply but effective little tool to help turn 1 image into a few more.

Crop your photo to be tighter on the key subject or to crop to a more interesting angle.

You can also flip your image from left to right.  Have a play to see what could work for you.

This is Jessica Lord owner of Myla & Oscar.  This is one photo which has been cropped to create different shapes . Filling the frame with the main subject or to change the ratio of the photo for facebook or instagram stories. 

4. Remove the background

Here is something fun, you can use software to remove the background setting of your image and replace with your brand colours or anything you like. 

Apps like Canva and Pic Monkey (paid versions only for this feature) offer a one click option to remove the background of an image completely.

Simple and easy to change the background of your image if you in an outdoor or indoor setting to a block of colour and add some text, giving you another photo to use on social media.

Use this technique with your headshots or product photos. It is a great way to extend your library of brand images. You can play as little or as much as you would like with your photos – just remember to stay on brand.

Above headshot images taken for Instagram Coach – Abi Hugo

Product images taken for the brand – Wear’em out

5. Email Signture

This tip was from my website designer who created branded email signatures for me, showing all the different photography services I offer.

Having branded email templates is a great way to visually show clients your service and make a great first time impression. This is such an impactful way to sign off your emails to include showing your face as the business owner.  

6. Email Marketing

Do you use email marketing in your business to communicate with your customers?

If you do – what images do you use and do you check that you reduce the image file size to the correct ratio. 

Professional photography delivers to you high resolution files which are big in size. 

When sharing your images for email marketing you want to make the files as small as you can to keep the email size small and not clog up your clients inboxes with heavy files that take a long time to download.

Using your brand images within your email marketing campaigns is another great way to reuse your headshots or product shots to make your business messages more impactful.

Example below from the queen of email marketing Sam Dixon who truly knows how to reuse and repurpose images and content copy.

NOTE: The photo above of Sam Dixon was taken by another photographer.


There’s no better way to catch someone’s eye as they scroll mindlessly through a noisy feed than a moving image.

Animated GIFs, or low-resolution video snippets, are one of the best ways to add a little motion to your social media posts. 

Take a look at your library of business photos and see if your photographer included a series of images that you could stitch together. You only need 2 or 3 images to make a fun gif.

  • Apps like Stop Motion or ImgPlay help you easily combine your images together to make a gif.
  • Option to also overlay a gif with text too

Stop motion created for stationary company – Life with Petals 

5. Email Marketing

8. Check List

This may sound obvious but have you checked that you have used your brand photos consistently across all your customer touch points. Here is a quick checklist to refresh your mind to check.

  • Email signatures
  • Social media profile icons
  • Facebook banner
  • Pinterest content images combined with copy to promote new blogs / products
  • Customer newsletters
  • Printed marketing materials leaflets / posters / roller banners
  • Google business posts
  • Content creation for online advertising
  • PDF brochures for client guides or instructions
  • Email signatures

I hope that you found this blog useful and it will help you to think more about how to repurpose your images to maximise your investment in photography. 

Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to or book a shoot.

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