Searching for a unique gift for Mother’s Day?

I have realised Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and being a mother myself and a daughter to a very special mum, I always think… What would I like to receive as a gift for mother’s day? Or… What shall I get my mum which is unique and will frame an everlasting memory?
Capturing moments of day to day tasks and activities is a wonderful thing to reflect on… Imagine having the chance to be pictured reading that special book you read most evenings. Or catch those relaxed moments where you bake biscuits and cakes together which are eaten within minutes after cooling (if allowed) which I am always a fan of! Or even photos being taken whilst taking a walk to a local woodland or lucky enough a beach when time is on your side to appreciate the simplicity of family life.
All these moments build a family unit and I think… what a lovely opportunity to have it photographed and then to be printed and placed on your walls around your home or in album which you can revisit whenever you wish to…
I know, within myself, I really understand the importance of recording the enjoyable moments in time with my children… Recently my children were given Christmas mugs to paint for Father Christmas’ visit to our home. They loved it… like most children would! And I got to develop some wonderful and heart felt moments of the innocence of the Christmas excitement which I can’t wait for them to reflect on year, on year as they grow up.These activities being photographed big or small such as playing on the beach, drawing, doing crafty things, playing games are all incredibly important to children and part of their growing up.
This Mother’s day, whatever you have planned remember to take family photos with all of you in the frame as this will be a gift that in years to come will remind you of your time with your family before the children turn into Mums and Dads themselves.

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