Newborn Photography Essex

Natural Newborn Photography

“These precious photos taken during the first few weeks with our baby we will treasure forever.”

Jade Samour – Essex

Your beautifully exhausting little human is here. Let’s remember these days just as they are.

Their tiny toes, soft cheeks and scrunched up yawns. The nappies, feeding and sleepless nights.

The overwhelming responsibility of becoming a parent.

Even if you’re too tired to see it, this is the time where tenderness and real love is found in every minute.

Nobody expects perfection. This is real life – and the very beginning of theirs.

And it is all beautiful.

How It Works

I offer natural, storytelling newborn photography in Essex, Chelmsford, Brentwood, and parts of London.

My lifestyle newborn photography sessions are relaxed and gentle.

These newborn photography sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and I promise you they are totally relaxed. We take as long as you and the baby need for feeds, changes and cuddles.

I will gently guide you and your baby through the whole process  from booking your newborn photography session, how to prepare for your session to cover what to wear and lastly how to print your beautiful new family photos to frame in your homes.

I will look to capture all the love and warmth you have created in you home for your newborn baby. 

Giving you memories that you will treasure forever and look back on loving as you remember that first few months family life in that newborn hazy mist. 

Natural & Joyful

Hiral took photos of our newborn, my husband and I adore Hiral's work. As we wanted simple, natural photos of our new baby in our home. Hiral has such a magical talent capturing the first few weeks of our baby girl in our home. These images bring us such happiness every time I walk past them in my hallway, reminding us of these early days which I so easily forget.
Abi Hugo
Take a look at more of me New Born at Home Photography

These relaxed at home newborn photography sessions will help you to look back and remember all the tenderness and real love that was found in every minute of holding your baby in your arms. 

Capturing the first few months of your newborn is just so precious as before your know it time flies and they’ll be crawling and walking and those early days will be forgotten. 

Natural & Heartwarming

Hiral took photos of our new born, we absolutely loved both her and her work. We wanted to capture natural moments in our home and she delivered exactly what we were looking for. Hiral has an amazing eye for capturing story telling images and these precious photos taken during the first few weeks with our baby will be treasured."
Jade Samour
Your Questions

Newborn lifestyle sessions happen in the comfort of your home, there will be no props used. As a lifestyle photographer I will be looking to capture your family going about your everyday routine and capturing all the special details and small moments.

A newborn photography session is a mixture of gently posed and unposed set ups. I will guide you where to stand / sit to capture the photos in the best possible light. What I will be looking to capture is the family’s natural interactions and emotions with your new baby.

These sessions last approx two to 2 and half hours. We will take plenty of breaks for nappy changes and feedings. A photoshoot at home means there is no need to worry about tending to your baby and no need to rush.   

The session will takes place in your home, using your nursery, main bedroom, and living room.  

No need to worry about your house being a mess—you just had a baby!  All you need to do to prepare is open the blinds/curtains to let in as much light as possible.  

On the day we can easily move items around if we need to there is time to do everything we need to capture beautiful warm hearted images of you all in your family home.

Newborns are unpredictable and these lifestyle newborn photography sessions are about them.  Please do not worry about your baby crying or needing to feed during the shoot—newborn sessions are purposely longer to allow for plenty of breaks, feedings, and nappie/outfit changes.  It is recommend to try and feed your baby right before the session so they’re sleepy and content.

When you book your newborn photography session we will also arrange for a planning call. During this call we can speak about what your clothing style is and what would work best for you and your partner to feel comfortablej in.

A typical lifestyle newborn photography session takes 2-2.5 hours.

Your newborn baby is in charge, we will allow allow all the time needed for feeding nappie changes and lots of cuddles.

In my experience newborn sessions work best at around a 1 to 3 weeks old before they change and grow.  

I love to photograph babies at any age, the first few weeks however is when they are most sleepy and I can capture the sleepy expressions and  their tiny features.

Most defiently. I don’t think I have met a mum yet who has not felt worried about a family shoot at home with them in the photo. However once they have seen their photos they are always so happy that they did the shoot.

There is no pressure to look at the camera the photos I look to capture are ones to document all the love and connection with your newborn.  Images that look to capture and document you as a family with your new baby in your arms.

I will be there to gently guide you on where to stand and sit to capture family photos you will fall in love with I promise. 

Absolutely thrilled

Hiral took photos of our newborn and we could not have been happier. I have 5 children and never had time to take photos at home. With my new baby Hiral encouraged me to try an at home newborn shoot and we were absolutely thrilled with the images. These early days are so easily forgotten and I now have lots of beautifully captured images to remind me of these first few months with my baby.
Rachel Cook