Photography Mentoring

Build the photography business you have always dreamed of.

HJ Photography

You don't have to figure it all out on your own

When I started out in the photography world I had so many questions but had no one to speak to and only you tube videos for support.

I wanted time with an expert to help answer all my questions and help me understand how to find my dream clients.

Instead I made many mistakes and took on many learnings which has now led to a successful career in the brand and product photography niche.

Having been in your shoes and worked though all the questions you have I fully understand all the challenges you face in running a photography business.

I love to work with fellow creatives and small business owners to help you achieve your photography goals and challenges. I love to seeing the happiness from my clients who see the results from our sessions as they produce the style the photography they want to create and start working with their dream clients.

No matter where you are on your photography journey, I offer a personalised mentoring service providing support, expert guidance and inspiration, helping you to achieve your photography goals.

Whether you’re a budding enthusiast just starting out, a business owner seeking to enhance your brand with photography skills, or an established professional aiming to refine your craft, my mentoring program is here to empower and support you every step of the way.

Hiral Jethwa | Brand Photographer Essex and London

Who is photography mentoring for?

HJ Photography

Learn from a professional

With 15+ years experience working in the photography industry.

I can work with you to give you you specific feedback and actionable advise to build the photography service you desire to create or help you refine and master your photography skills.

I understand the overwhelm when you are looking to add additional new skills to your photography services. That feeling of not knowing who to ask for help or watching endless training videos which do not always answer your questions.

You have the tools but you can’t quite work out what to do and which order to do it in.

Sometimes you just need one to one advice from a person who is in the industry you wish to create for yourself.

This is where my 1-1 zoom calls can help you. We can cover any of your Brand / Product photography questions, help you fast track your learning and enable you to get to the position of working with your dream clients more quickly them taking the DIY approach.

How it works

1-1 Zoom Coaching Call

A questionnaire to understand your current business, your background and the goals you are looking to achieve.

60 mins Zoom session to tackle your topics / questions.

You will receive a recording from the call and an email of our meeting notes.

A follow up 30mins call after 2 weeks to check how you progressed with the the goals discussed during our time together. 

HJ Photography

What you'll learn

We can cover up to 1 or 2 topics you need support and guidance with to succeed in your chosen path:

Portfolio Building

How to find your creative style and build a portfolio

Pricing & Packaging

Setting sustainable prices and creating packages around how you love to work, offering the most value for your clients.

Customer experience

Elevating your client journey, to create a memorable and supportive experience. Giving them reasons to refer you and return to you for future work.

Mood-board / shot list planning

How to approach planing the creative direction and mood board for your shoot and turn this into a defined shot list for the shoot day.

Product photoshop retouching techniques

Tools and technique to improve your post processing editing workflow.


How to pitch your photography services to work with your ideal clients.


Learn how to use natural and artificial lighting to create the look you desire.

Marketing, social media and branding

How best to use social media platforms to promote your services.

Location scouting

How to use the resources available to find the ideal location for your client briefs.

How to master your camera

Learn how to shoot in manual mode confidently.

*Price £199


When I first started my photography business, I had no idea how to actually run the business side, how to price my work, create a fantastic customer experience that would wants clients to work with me again and recommend my service. I also needed to keep working on my photography skills to understand working with natural and artificial lighting, improve my own editing work flow and keep myself feeling inspired to create.

I just wished I had a person who could help advice and guide me to avoid any costly mistakes and to help escalate my growth to work with my ideal clients.

We will meet online via Zoom.

Investing in any form of education to help you learn is always helpful, even with over 15 years experience in the photography industry I will invest in training every year as I belive you can never stop learning or trying new techniques. If you are feeling scared have a call with the person you want to work with and chat through your worries to check you both connect and what will be covered in your time together.

The 1-1 calls will include a 30min follow up call after your session to check in on how you are doing and address any more questions you may have.

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