Baby Photography at home

Natural, relaxed photos of your baby the comfort of your home. No posing or props needed, focused on capturing the start of their new story in your arms.

These baby photography at home sessions are completely baby led and take place in the comfort of your home. My aim is to make the session relaxing and we will take a gentle pace,  allowing plenty of time for feeding, nappy changes and cuddles.  I will capture beautiful heartfelt photos of you all, giving your general direction on where to sit to ensure we capture the photos in the best possible light and setting. 

I aim to capture memories of this new chapter of family life, memories that you will look back on to remind yourself how small your baby was and how you held them in your arms with so much love and happiness. 

“My husband and I adore Hiral’s work. As we wanted simple, natural photos of our new baby in our home. Hiral has such a magical talent capturing the first few weeks of our baby girl in our home. These images bring us such happiness every time I walk past them in my hallway, reminding us of these early days which I so easily forget.”

Abi Hugo – Essex