Influencer Photographer

"I loved the images and editing style just fantastic"

I work with the influencer / blogger community to help capture a library of on brand images for their social media schedule and website.

This industry group of influencers / content creators have a need for high quality and creative images. They have the skills to take their own images or have a great partner who can work a camera. However if they don’t have a partner or a friend they will hire a photographer to capture 100’s of images in a few hours instead of capturing a few images themselves in this time.

The gallery of images below was created and captured for the mummy blogger Kate Bow Bow (Kate Murane)

Kate started her career known as Dolly Bow Bow with her own online jewellery and accessories brand. Kate then created her own You Tube channel and from there it all exploded and led her to be a leading mummy influencer in the social media world.

Kate needed a new library of images to show a new jewellery collection and herself as the designer.

It was a fantastic shoot as there were so many beautiful details that I was able to photograph. I was able to create a story of lifestyle images to tell the story of the new collection as well as Kate and her style.

Are you an influencer / blogger living in the UK?

If you don’t have the perfect partner who loves to take photos at the right angle and you don’t want to keep asking strangers for photos or keep asking your friends to help you to you to capture that perfect shot? This could be the perfect photography service for you.

I have worked with a number of bloggers and I understand how hard it can be trying to capture an Instagram-worthy photo.

I offer a blogger photographer service for Instagram / Social Media influencers and bloggers who need high-quality street-style shots of themselves. I can photograph you and your outfits in areas around London, Essex, Kent or in your home.

Every blogger has different set of requirements and editing needs, a bespoke quote will be created for you based on your needs and number of images required.

Get in touch to find out more about this service and how we can work together to capture those insta worth images and save you time trying to capture a library of images by your self.