Newborn Baby Photographer In Essex

When looking for a newborn photographer in Essex to capture your newborn baby you will find that you are really spoilt for choice. 

You have the choice to decide they type of newborn photographer that you would like to work with as all newborn photographers have a different style. 

You have the option to work with photographers who use a studio, ones that come to your home like me, or some who will pose the baby into curled up positions.

I would recommend when it comes to choosing your newborn photographer, it is worth doing a little bit of research to help you decide the style of photography you like and would want to have printed for your home.

As a newborn photographer in Essex, my style of newborn photography is to capture natural beautiful connections of you with your newborn in the comfort of you home.


My approach is to capture and document your family story in your home. Looking to capture how you go about your day to create a welcoming home for your new baby. 

Capturing all the cuddles and love when you hold you baby as well as the constant nappy changes, feeding and changing that a new baby demands from you.

I will capture for you natural, authentic photos of your newborn baby in the comfort of your home. No posing or props needed, focused on capturing the start of your baby’s new story in your arms.

I have to say my own favourite baby images are the ones where I am with my mum and dad and seeing how they were. So even if you’re a little bit camera shy, I promise you it will be worth capturing those first few days or months when you bring your baby home for your child to look back on once they are older and you will too appreciate having these precious photos of when you became parents and started a new chapter in your life.

Would you like to enquire about booking a newborn baby session? Get in touch, I’d love to help.