Yoga Photographer

Toma J

"Fun, creative and artistic!"

Toma is a yoga teacher qualified in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin Yoga.

Toma wanted to work with a yoga photographer to captured artistic yoga photography that would reflect her vibrant energy and love for yoga to be used for social media and her website.

During our planning call it was clear to me that Toma has a real passion for traveling and being outdoors. We decided to have her shoot outdoors where I could capture various movements and use nature as the backdrop for her images.

I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot with Hiral. It was fun, creative and the photos look fabulous! I am looking forward to using them for my business and would highly recommend Hiral and her photography skills.”


I love yoga and have worked with a number of yoga instructors to capture their business photos. Working with my clients to create a bespoke shoot to capture the yoga poses with a more artistic photography angle and create a unique collection of brand images to help promote their business to stand out from their peers.

I absolutely loved this shoot – watching Toma move and simply enjoy showing me the different yoga poses was just beautiful to capture. The core strength, power and flexibility that Toma showed was just incredible to see unfold.

If you are a yoga, fitness or pilates instructor looking for fitness / yoga photographer, I would love to hear from you to see how I could help capture your brand story.