Why hire a product stylist?

Having professional photographs of your products is an essential element of your product launch.  You have invested time and effort in creating your dream product and if you don’t take the same amount of time and effort in your product photography, you will not make that first impression count. 
Good product photography will make your products stand out and get your target market engaged with you. 
Product photographers, like myself, offer minimal styling as we are busy ensuring we have the perfect lighting,  correct aperture, fstop and composition. Working with a product stylist to create moodboards and concept ideas will help you evaluate your product photography.

Creative product photography will help your lead campaign activities have great images and will look attractive for PR opportunities.
I have invited the talented Liz Rochester Shaddock, a product stylist I regularly work with to write a blog on how to work with a product stylist and a photographer and for you to see the benefits of this service.

Olive Tree Home - Styled Product Shoot

Branding is so much more than just a logo, and when you get your branding right the key is to keep it consistent throughout everything you put out. This includes your website, business cards, promotional material, product packaging, social media posts as well as the way you present yourself when meeting people and talking about your business.

Photography also plays a big role in your brand and getting the styling to match your brand will take your business to the next level. I have recently been approached by product photographers to style product brand shoots.

At a recent shoot I worked on with Hiral from HJ Photography, we took the client on a journey of discovery. Helen from OliveTreeHomes makes beautiful handmade soy candles with the most exquisite fragrant scents.

After a meeting with the Helen and Hiral, we discussed Helens brand and the candles that she wanted to feature in the brand shoot. Three scents were chosen: Lychee & Peony; Mint, Cucumber & Ginger and a new scent Wild Fig & Forest Berries. Together we planned each story based on the ingredients used on each of the candles.

My role as the stylist was to gather ideas and inspiration to create a mood board for each story and curate a shopping and props list for Hiral to source.

On the day of the shoot there were clouds in the sky which Hiral said was perfect! Phew!

The first story we shot was the Mint, Cucumber & Ginger candle.

Taking inspiration from the mood board and the items I had at my disposal I set to work at styling.

I love being creative and working with fresh products just makes my job such a dream. The smells (although not captured on camera) and colours were amazing!

When shooting brand photography you should always be mindful of what the photographs are going to be used. For example it’s great to have ‘white space’ available around the product or next to it so the client is able to add text or graphics should they so desire.

The second story was the Lychee and Peony candle. We wanted each story to have its own unique style but also work together as a collection.

A tip for getting peonies to open – place them in a vase of warm water and then put them in the back of your car for an hour!

The third story was for the new scent – Wild Fig & Forest Berries – I think this had to be my favorite. A white rose, fresh figs, blackberries and raspberries went in to creating the backdrop for this gorgeous candle.

For every photograph taken the product is always the main focus. The props and other items used are there just to enhance, entice and frame the product. It’s all about telling a story, capturing your customers imagination and showcasing your products to their maximum potential.

Have products you want to take to the next level? Find out more about my Styled Photography Shoots.

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