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If you’re a product-based business, you’ll know the importance of sharing clear, professional images to showcase your products in the best possible light. Investing in a product photographer who offers a styled product photography service is something that many small business owners are hesitant to commit to due to the initial costs involved but, if you take the leap now, you’ll reap the rewards in the longer term.

What is styled product photography?

Styled product photography is a shoot that involves taking styled and carefully curated photographs of your products in a way that reflects your brand identity and shows your products off in the best possible light. It’s worth noting that there are two types of images at play here, product shots and storytelling images. You’ll need both if you want to tell your brand’s story in an effective way. Product shots are fairly self-explanatory; they are clean, clear images of your products, showing the customer exactly what they can expect in terms of size, colour, shape etc. Storytelling images take things a step further; they showcase your brand story and tap into your audience’s emotions, encouraging them to take that final step towards making a purchase. 

Product Photographer styled photoshoot for a new summer candle collection two new sizes shown in the product photo

First impressions matter

Whatever anyone tells you, first impressions count. With so much choice out there for consumers, if you don’t make a great first impression, you often won’t get a second chance. Think about it. When you’re scrolling through your social media feeds, it’s always the image that grabs your attention first and stops you in your tracks, right? Having a great image that grabs attention is what entices your audience to stop, read your content and click through to your website. 

Having professional product shots on your website and social media will create a positive first impression of your brand and increase your credibility with your audience. Potential customers won’t be faced with busy, cluttered images, they’ll see professional shots of your products which show colour, size and shape in detail. Having accurate visuals gives shoppers a clearer understanding of the products on offer, something that can be hard to achieve if you’re relying on written descriptions. Customers will have a very accurate idea of what they are buying and that leads to less returns and reduces the chances of shopper dissatisfaction, which can only be a good thing. 

It increases conversions

Using professional product shots on your website inspires greater confidence in your brand, which leads to higher conversion rates. Styled product shots present your product ranges to shoppers in a professional way, working in unity with your marketing campaigns, copy and social media accounts to support your brand strategy as a whole. In the already saturated world of e-commerce, you need strong images in order to stand out. Online stores with professional images are always going to be more likely to convert and if you’re not investing in professional product photography, it’s likely that your competitors are. 


Case Study – Make Life Easy Planner

Make Life Easy Planner are a great example of how investing in a styled product shoot can really make a huge impact to a brand’s sales. Priya owner of Make Life Easy Planner had previously spoken with me about a styled product shoot but decided she couldn’t commit to the initial financial outlay. Fast forward twelve months and Priya came back to me after finding that her own photos weren’t having the desired impact on sales. Priya invested in a professional styled shoot and, within weeks, she could see the impact. “I’m so pleased I decided to ask Hiral for a styled product shoot! The results have been amazing! As soon as the new images were live on my website, I noticed an increase in sales! I just wish I’d made the decision to get professional product shots taken months ago. It would have saved me money in the long run.” Priya, Make Life Easy Planner.

You can be more creative on socials

Having a bank of professional photos that you can draw on for social media gives you so many options when you’re creating social content for your brand. You’ll be provided with a range of images that showcase your products and tell your brand story, which means that you can really get creative when it comes to sharing content for social media. You might want to highlight specific product details that are accurately displayed in your product images or share some behind the scenes insight with your audience using images that tell your story. Having such a range of visual options to use on your socials will increase your engagement levels and help you start a conversation with potential customers. 

Product shoot by Essex product photography of a women ring

This styled product image was captured for Dainty London to show case their new summer Jewellery collection. Jade the owner wanted to add textured styling to the images to reflect the new collection which had a collection of strong bold designs. 

It frees up your time

There’s lots involved when it comes to taking professional product photos. Lighting, styling, composition and camera angles all have to be taken into consideration if you want to ensure you have consistent images across your brand. It’s hard to get right, particularly if your only experience of photography is taking pictures on your smartphone.

If you attempt to take your own styled product photos, you’ll have to invest a whole lot of time, money and energy in the project, time that would be better spent doing what you do best, working in your business. If you spend a day of your time creating your own images, how much is that costing you? How could your time be better spent? Have you got the money to spend on props, backdrops and camera equipment? You’ll also likely end up with images that just aren’t good enough to make the impact in your business you’re aiming for and that’s not helpful for your brand.


This image was captured of Gill Sharpe from her brand photo shoot – Gill is a social media manager who wanted images in and around London as this is where her client base is. Wanted to show she is London based and able to easily meet her clients when they needed her.

You’re working with an expert

When you work on a styled product shoot with a professional product photographer, you are getting so much more than just a set of pretty product pictures. A professional product photographer will spend time consulting with you before planning your shoot, they’ll direct the shoot to showcase your products in the best possible way to help you secure sales and they’ll edit your photos to provide you with a flawless finish. When you invest in a styled photo shoot for your business, you’re investing in a creative direction for your brand as a whole, not just a ‘one-off’ set of photos. A professional photographer will ensure your messaging is consistent and customers will instantly recognise your brand. 


Still life photographer photographing skin care product images for a skin care company

I hope that you found this blog helpful!

If you’re a product-based business and would like to find out more about booking a styled product shoot, drop me an email to book a discovery call, or take a look at my pricing and packages here. I’d love to hear from you!

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