Brand and product photographer for the soulful entrepreneur that captivates your story and vision .

Brand photoshoot for a female interior designer based in Essex
HJ Photography
Styled product shoot for jewellery company Dainty London for the launch of their new subscription box service.
Styled product shoot for a skin oil product
Styled product shoot for a skin oil product
Hiral Jethwa | Brand Photographer Essex and London

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Hi, I'm Hiral

An Essex based product and brand photographer, dedicated to helping brands and creatives, who are ready to elevate their brand and product photography and raise their visibility.

You know you have to be visible to be seen and that in today’s visual world customers don’t buy goods or services anymore, they buy stories.

I will curate for you a library of story led imagery filled with beautiful light that will authentically capture your story and empower you too confidently showcase your business.

Each photo I create is a masterful blend of love and energy. Capturing your passion for what you do and showcasing why your ideal clients need to do business with YOU.

Female personal brand photographer based in Essex, travels across the UK.

Services & Offerings

Elevate your brand and product photography, to create a story you can’t wait to share.

Product Photography

Essex based creative product photography studio that will help style and elevate your product imagery to be the heart and centre of your story. 

The first interaction customers have with your product is through your images.

Let’s make that impression last by creating story telling product images. Inspiring trust, and building confidence as to why customers need to fall in love with your products.

Pacaiba Beauty product photography

Brand Photography

Invite your audience to discover your brand with business portraits that will showcase your personality and empower you to show up with confidence.

Brand imagery that you would be excited to share and headshots that will inspire you to show up and shout about you and your services.

You are ready to take a step forward and be the face of your brand. Let me hold your hand and help create for you a library of brand images for you to tell your business story with ease and confidence.

Brand photoshoot at Hyde Hall Essex for a female family photographer
Dream Client List
Skincare & Cosmetics brands
Beauty Entrepreneurs
creative business owners
wellness experts
stationery brands
Candle Makers
Kind Words

Work with me

Ready to capture your story?
It’s about making the best first impression through carefully crafted imagery.

Brand photoshoot for an Essex based brand and product photographer

What to Expect

Hiral Jethwa | Brand Photographer Essex and London

Discovery Call

We will have an initial call to select the perfect package for you and discuss what your brand is all about and what you would like to achieve through your shoot.

Talking through your branding and business goals will help me to guide you on the types of images that we need to capture to tell your business story.

This is a great time to also get to know each other to help you feel more comfortable on the day of the shoot.

Hiral Jethwa | Brand Photographer Essex and London

let's have some fun!

The day of your shoot should be fun and empowering. It’s my goal to help you feel relaxed and happy. I’ll guide you on how to pose, as well as show you the images as we go for you to see how they look.

I’m sure you’ll end up loving the whole process as my clients always tell me after a session that it was so much fun and they always come back to keep their images updated.

Photo retouching

the Final Touches

Two weeks after your shoot I will send you a link to your private galley, where you can view all your photos and download them in the different sizes you need for social media and print use.

I’ll select the best images from the session and edit them to create a consistent library of images for your business.

You will be able to start using them straight away and start being visible online to connect with your ideal clients and show them why they need to connect with you.


Photography mentoring

Are you a budding photographer?

Learn what you need to build a brand/product photography business you have always dreamed of. 

Brand photography to show that this photographer is a product photographer mentor


Personal brand photography or brand photography is exactly what it sounds like, photography for your brand that focuses on your personality.

Personal branding photos are carefully planned and styled to show the story of you the business owner and what makes your business the one that your clients need to contact.

Capturing authentic business images that tell your unique business story will help you and your business stand out from your competitors and help you engage with the clients you want to work with.

I’ve not yet had a client that did not feel nervous or a little worried about having their brand photos taken. It’s not a normal activity that us business owners are used to but it is necessary to help us show up and be visible.

I promise that I will guide you though the whole process with ease and confident . We will have a planning call to help us both get to know each other before the shoot and it is my job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed to capture photos that you will love. So many clients always say to me at the end of the shoot ‘that was not as bad as I thought it was going to be’ and that ‘ I had fun’. 

Simply send me a message through my contact form and tell me about yourself and your business. I will be in touch within 48 hours via email to chat with you and offer avaiable dates.

Yes, I can. I travel all over the UK capturing founders, creative makers, brands in their studios, shops or homes. There will be a travel fee of 45p per mile and depending on how far I need to travel, I may need overnight accommodation.

Investing in professional product images is a natural extension of your commitment to branding, website development, and product development.

First impressions matter, poor quality images, outdated images, or obvious stock photography can hurt your business more than it helps. 

Having your own images product images will help you build trust and desire with your audience, showing them why they need to  fall in love with your products and have then in their homes.  Showing all the details of your collections and designs.

By creating your own product images, you will build trust and desire among your audience, showcasing the unique details of your collections and designs. This personalised approach helps customers envision your products in their homes and how they can be used,  establishing a sense of connection, making them more likely to fall in love with and choose your product  offerings. =

I take full payment for photo shoots to secure the date and my time. Payment plans are available for shoots over £500.

Once the brand photo shoot is complete you will be delivered your photos back to you within 2 weeks where you will be able to view all your photos via a private online gallery with the option to download all the images in both high resolution files (for print use) and low resolution (for social media use)

The question I would ask yourself is how many stories of you and your business you need to photograph, location changes and number of outfit changes to add variety and seasonal shots to take this into account. Share this with me and I can recommend the number of hours you would need to meet your photography requirements.